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Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012

Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012
  • Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012
  • Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012

Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012 product information

Ideal for all the jobs around the home that requires a steady hand, such as painting windows frames, hanging wallpaper, cleaning the gutters, or just trimming the hedge.

Either inside or outside your home, the Minifold Unit is easy to assemble and ready to use in minutes.

  1. Ensure all castors are firmly fitted to the folding frame by tightening the bolt located directly under the castor housing.
  2. Open folding frame and engage toggle clamps.
  3. Position platform on a rung at desired level.
  4. Always gain access to the platform via the trapdoor, when appr opriateIdeal for one man use, unfold the unit, fit the board and start work.
  • Easily portable and manoeuvrable, either open or closed, the unit passes easily through standard doorways.
  • Both lightweight and robust.
  • Provides a working platform 0.7m wide and 1.5m long.
  • Six optional platform levels between 0.2m and 1.7m will suit most requirements.
  • Fitted with lockable 5” castors and non-slip platform boards.
  • Captive folding bracing system means minimum components.
  • When closed the board will hook onto the unit for compact storage.
  • Easily transportable, compact when folded flat to fit in a small van, estate car or on a roof rack.

Comprising of…

4 x K548 - Castors with adaptors

1 x MFFU - Minifold Base unit

1 x MFPT - Minifold Trapdoor platform

1.5M LONG X 0.70M WIDE


Abru Mini fold Access Tower 50012 - £648.40

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