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Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm - £316.80


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Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm - £316.80

Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm - £316.80
  • Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm
  • Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm
  • Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm

Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm product information

The LDK Loft Ladder is a double-section Loft Ladder which has a slidable lower section. Its structure resembles that of Folding Loft Ladders but the main difference is that the bottom section Slides up into the loft space which eliminates the swing space required on the ladding for unfolding a ladder. The structure of the double-section loft ladder makes it possible to set the ladder deeper in the ceiling.

The developed mechanism ensures the sections are slid in relation with each other. For a stable structure the long section slides down.


The Fakro LDK Sliding Section Loft Ladders are suitable for room heights up to 280cm, 300cm and 335cm High and available in the following sizes.

  • LDS-9 60x120cm 280cm, LDS-9 70x120cm 280cm, LDS-9 70x130cm 280cm, LDS-9 70x140cm 280cm
  • LDS-10 60x120cm 300cm, LDS-10 70x120cm 300cm, LDS-10 70x130cm 300cm, LDS-10 70x140cm 300cm
  • LDS-12 60x120cm 335cm, LDS-11 70x120cm 335cm, LDS-11 70x130cm 335cm, LDS-11 70x140cm 335cm

Please Download the Full Brochure for full sizing specifications!!


  • Manufactured In Pine
  • Satisfies EN 14975 Requirements
  • Insulated White Hatch
  • Maximum Loading of 160kg
  • Insulation Thickness of 3cm
  • Heat Transmission Coefficient U= 1.1 W/m2K
  • Hatch Thickness of 3.6cm
  • Handrail
  • Treads protrude from stringers
  • Fully Assembled
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

BOX - The Loft Ladder box is made of wood. Within the milled section is situated a peripheral seal. Once the hatch is closed, this seal ensures proper tightness of the entire box structure. The special box design enables quick and easy fitting of the finishing lining or architrave.

HARDWARE - The patented corner hinge re-enforces the rigidity of the box and prevents any changes in the diagonal lengths. Thanks to this, the box is not affected by any deformations and can be operated trouble free once installed. The hinges joining each of the sections provide rigidity to moving connections.

THREADS - Grooves which are cut into the tread surface protect the user from accidental slipping while using the ladder.

STILE ENDS - Stile ends made of plastic protect the floor surface from scratches and additional add to the overall ladder stability.

HATCH UNLOADING MECHANISM - Operation of the Loft Ladder is significantly improved because of Fakro's unique unloading mechanism. Once unlocked, the hatch opens slowly without any potential danger to the user. Once fully opened, this mechanism will also hold the hatch in position, preventing it from slamming closed.

HATCH BOARD - The loft ladder hatch is made of wood and can be insulated or fireproof. The thermal insulation protects against heat loss and in fire loft ladders against heat build-up in the event of a fire. The external hatch surface is smooth without seeing fixing elements which will go well with any interior design.

LADDER - Fakro Loft Ladders are usually composed on three sections but may be four. These sections can be moved away from the hatch door so as to give extra space for footing ensuring a safer and more comfortable ascent and descent. The special ladder structure and materials used ensure its high strength.

We as a company install Loft ladders so if you need one fitting see or if your not in our areas please do not hesitate to contact us for advice either on product selection or product installation. We are here to help.

Order processing time 10-15 working days.

Fakro Sliding Loft Ladder LDK 280cm - 305cm - 335cm - £316.80

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