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How to choose and use your ladder products

Always select the correct ladder for the job. Check the type of product, the working height required and the maximum safe working load.

Always select a ladder that meets the required standards, if in doubt select a stronger product.  All our products have been extensively tested for build quality and performance and conform to the relevant British and European standards.

Always follow the manufacturer’s safety and operating instructions.

Remember any questions please contact us.

The ABRU ladder selector can help to choose the right ladder for your needs - ABRU ladder selector

Which Size??

Always consider carefully which size of ladder is required. Remember that working height, ie the height that can be comfortably reached, is:

• Approximately 2m (6’0”) above quoted platform heights for stepladders/stools.

• Approximately equal to extended lengths for extension ladders.

• Approximately 1m (3’0”) above quoted top tread heights for 3 ways/combination ladders in any mode.

What Rating??

Ladders should be designed to British Standards. This classifies the ladder according to the type of use and loading levels they are capable of withstanding. Consider carefully all these factors before choosing and always look for the Kitemark. If in doubt, select the stronger product. Classification is as follows:

Stepladders - 3 Ways - Combination Ladders - Extension Ladders

BS 2037, Class 1 - HEAVY DUTY. Max. Vertical static load 175kg(27.5st). Duty Rating 130kgs(20.4st) Max.

BS 2037, Class 3 - DOMESTIC/DIY ONLY Max. Vertical static load 125kg(19.5st). Duty Rating 95kgs(15st) Max.

BS EN 131 - LIGHT TRADE /DIY Max. Vertical static load 150kg(23.6st).

(Replaced previous BS 2037 Class 2 in November 1995.

Step Stools

BS 7377, Class G - GENERAL DOMESTIC/LIGHT COMMERCIAL Duty Rating 100kgs(15.8st) Max.

Loft Ladders

BS 7553, Class H - HEAVY DUTY. Duty Rating 150kgs (23.6st) Max.

BS 7553, Class G - GENERAL DUTY Duty Rating 100kgs (15.8st) Max.

The Ladder Use

There are three key guidelines for using ladders:

1. Always use the correct ladder for the job. Check the type, size and rating.

2. Always use ‘Kitemarked’ products. Look for the British Standards logo.

3. Always follow manufacturer’s safety and operating instructions.

Also click the link and see how to use a ladder -


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